Matrimonial and Family Law in Buffalo

Buffalo is home to some truly amazing families, notable for their strong bonds and commitment to beloved siblings, parents, children, and spouses. As in any region, however, Buffalo’s families face notable challenges. These can often be resolved with assistance from a trusted matrimonial and family attorney such as Jason DiPasquale. Determined to strengthen and support New York’s finest families, Jason DiPasquale works tirelessly to procure the best possible solutions to difficult legal scenarios.


Some of New York’s finest couples eventually file for divorce in the interest of preserving their mental health and providing the best possible future for their children. This process is bound to be stressful, no matter how necessary or how much spouses agree on the terms of the split. The right attorney can pave the path to the most amicable separation possible. However, if a more aggressive approach proves necessary, your lawyer should advocate strongly on your behalf.

No two divorces are exactly alike, so personalized counsel and representation are crucial. Depending on your situation, you may require assistance with custody agreements, visitation, spousal maintenance, or property division. The DiPasquale Law Firm provides assistance with both the financial and childcare-based aspects of divorce.

 Other Family Matters

Divorce may play a significant role in matrimonial law, but it’s by no means the only matter handled by a family practice such as the DiPasquale Law Firm. The firm also assists clients with a variety of other issues. Child custody and visitation are often determined outside of the divorce process, particularly if grandparents or other family members seek visitation. The DiPasquale Law Firm can also assist clients as they file restraining orders or pursue adoption. Regardless of the legal situation at hand, clients can count on Jason DiPasquale for support.

Whether your current legal concerns involve child custody or property division, you deserve strong advocacy from an attorney who understands your situation and is committed to the future of your family. If you work with the DiPasquale Law Firm, you can rest assured, knowing your case lies in capable hands. Contact Jason DiPasquale at your earliest convenience to learn more about his background in family law and how he can assist you with your current legal ordeal.

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